The Strums and their “Badass Teenage Moustache” team up for Movember

When you’re a bloke growing up, one of your most desired achievements and rite of passage into adulthood would be your ability to grow facial hair. There’s always that one kid at school who could grow a lumberjack style beard at the age of 13 while all you could manage was a speckle of bum fluff on your chin and maybe a stray hair on your upper lip.

Well Brisbane punk rockers The Strums have released a song which best represents what life would be like if you could actually grow enough facial hair to increase your level of coolness and achieve anything you ever wanted, and it’s actually a fuckin’ good song. “Badass Teenage Moustache” is an anthem for those who find growing a moustache an unattainable ability which therefore means they’ll flounder at other things in life such as saving the world, curing the world of evil and even growing tall (What? it could happen)

Not only is the track catchy as hell but the boys have teamed up with the crew from Movember to help raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health by donating all the proceeds from their Limited Edition Physical Singles (while on tour) to the cause. I was lucky to randomly stumble across these guys after a big weekend and the one song of theirs which has resonated and stuck with me this whole time after the gig was “Badass Teenage Moustache” so I highly recommend getting out to see these guys when they hit the road and purchasing a copy of the single to help support Movember. It’s also the perfect gift for a mate taking part in the cause or even if you just want to take a friendly stab at friend who can’t grow facial hair to save their life.

The Strums have hit the stage previously with the likes of The Bennies, Wolfmother, Bodyjar and The Beards so it’s only a matter of time before they get picked up by a label themselves and start venturing around the country, further than before. Jump on board now!

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The Strums “Badass Teenage Moustache” Single Launch Tour






Supports – El Bravo & Bleach Girls

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Tickets on the door

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