Bring Me The Horizon release “True Friends” Official Video

It’s been a few months since we were first exposed to the incredible song “True Friends” by Bring Me The Horizon in the form of a lyric video just before their new album That’s the Spirit was released and hands down it is the best song on the new record. Well today the boys have finally released the official video for the song (which was actually directed by front-man Oli Sykes) and after watching it a couple of times now, I think it’s great.

The video combines footage of BMTH performing and a “movie” which tells the story of a disgruntled police officer named Tom who assaults his daughter following the disappearance of his wife and starts to receive strange messages around his house/farm. When (what appears to be) his wife’s ex-husband cottons on to what he’s been doing with his daughter, tensions arise and we find out that his wife left her ex to be with Tom, only now she’s disappeared. Has Tom had something to do with this or is someone else behind her disappearance and the messages completely? The climatic ending will have you guessing and creating your own theories, but just remember the lyrics “True Friends stab you in the front“. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers here. Just watch the video and see for yourself.


Bring Me The Horizon have had an amazing year and are only going above and beyond in the future. You can catch them alongside Disturbed, Deftones, NOFX and Bullet for my Valentine at the Soundwave Festival next year.

Tickets are On-Sale HERE

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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