Cesena finally got their Foo Fighters concert

Remember a while back when the small town of Cesena, Italy really wanted the Foo Fighters to come and perform for them by creating one of the best viral videos to be released in recent years? Well that day finally came 4 months later for the Rockin’ 1000 crew as the Fooeys brought their touring circus to the eagerly anticipating town.

During the night Dave Grohl told the crowd how appreciative he was for their efforts

“The whole world saw what you did, million and millions of them. It’s a beautiful thing. Congratulations. I was on vacation and my phone was [going off with messages] from all my friends and they all said, have you seen this?”

“And then I fuckin cried”

Once again Dave proving to not only the town but the world that he is the best guy in the whole music industry that actually gives a shit about what anybody does. You can’t say a bad word about the man and if you do, you better be able to back up your claims. The guys also attended the Rockin 1000 after-party where everyone was still coming to terms with the fact they actually came to Cesena


Check out the full video below and appreciate the amount of effort that went into making this dream come true. On top of that, is anyone interested in making a little video to get Mark, Tom and Travis from Blink-182 back together again?

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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