Has Coldplay been busted ripping off Bring Me The Horizon?

Bring Me The Horizon are absolutely killing it at the moment and we can safely say they’re on the way to becoming one of the biggest bands out of the UK. Another band from that part of the world is the Chris Martin fronted Coldplay who have started teasing their new album which is rumoured to be called “A Head Full of Dreams”, but the internet is running wild with accusations they may have stolen their album artwork from the Sheffield boys.


Twitter user Lee Thompson spotted the similarities on his commute when he noticed two posters in the London Underground, one of which promotes The Coldplay Timeline (a look back at the band’s career) and the other which merges all the outer rings of the colourful circles together to form the “Flower of Life“, a geometrical figure which we already know appeared on the cover of BMTH‘s last album “Sempiternal”.


cold 2

Coincidence or not, we also think the similarities are pretty close and knowing Coldplay‘s history of “alleged” plagiarism (they were accused of ripping off a Joe Satriani riff in their song “Viva La Vida“) it’d be pretty stupid for the guys, their management or even the album artwork crew to think they could get away without fans noticing.

What do you think though? Was it just an honest mistake or would they have known exactly what they were doing? Bring Me The Horizon front-man Oli Sykes has since shared his opinion of the situation on twitter


Only time will tell if they use the image for their album or if they change it to avoid another lawsuit.

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  1. That’s the Flower of Life. BMTH do not own that symbol at all. So Coldplay have the right to use it.

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