Violent Soho – Gig Review 22nd October @ The Zoo Brisbane

Violent Soho
The Zoo, Brisbane
October 22nd, 2015
Supported by Palms & BUDD

There’s an unwritten law about gigging where you apparently shouldn’t wear a shirt with the band you’re about to see plastered on the front, you should wear another act’s shirt to advertise/promote what other bands you listen to… however that wasn’t the case with Violent Soho last night. Almost every attendee was wearing some sort of Soho shirt and not one single fuck was given as the mass crowd of fans flooded into the almost unbearably sauna like conditions for the band’s first gig in roughly 18 months.

First up though (when I finally got my arse to the gig) we were treated to Sydney act Palms who brought their fun jams to warm up the crowd before Mansfield’s finest. At times during their set it felt like members of LMFAO had decided to switch ships and front a band instead of a shitty DJ act, but enough about Redfoo and co. the vibe from these guys was just what was needed to kick off the evening (once again, from when I first go there, sincere apologies to BUDD) and they were quickly welcomed with open cheers.


*I made a note to mention how fucking hot this venue is right here in the review. I was literally sweating my arse off in my skinny jeans and great white shark t-shirt, extremely envious of the dude behind me who opted for the Violent Soho singlet and short shorts combo. What a forward thinker this guy was for the evening… anyway back to the show.

Andrew W.K‘s infamous track “Party Hard” played to the crowd to get us pumped up for the return of Brisbane’s favourite stoner band and the crowd was loving it just before everyone in the venue broke out into a “Hell Fuck Yeah” chant calling for the attention of the band who were yet to appear on stage. That was until the lights dimmed and the whole audience screamed with excitement as the Soho boys walked on stage and got straight into their newest single (and first track from the new album) “Like Soda” which can I say ruled hearing it for the first time ever played at a gig, the fans loved it and thus welcomed the tune with open arms to the band’s ever growing catalogue of memorable songs.


Straight after the guys took us on a trip back to 2013 with “Neighbour Neighbour” and the fans frothed for the history lesson as the mosh pit opened up and bodies started flying all over the joint. “Lowbrow” followed shortly after and we were exposed to guitarist James Tidswell‘s mesmerising head banging twirl for the first time this evening which caught all of our attention for the entirety of the song before he reminded the crowd that tickets for this “Super Fast Announced Gig” Sold Out within 4 minutes, proving that these boys are worth more than a small capacity sized venue and are definitely headed to a well established band venue complete with at least twice the size of attendance. And judging by the next song (another new one titled “How to Taste“) which started out sounding kind of funky before erupting into a heavy fast paced somewhat Blink-182 inspired rock hit, it’s only a matter of time before they hit that level of appreciation.

Fan favourites “In the Aisle” and “Saramona Said” got the fans up and jumping simultaneously from start to finish followed swiftly by the sing-a-long slow jam “Fur Eyes” that saw the entire venue singing loud and proud through the full track. At this point the legendary bassist Luke Henery took notice of the crowd and pointed out to me (fingers crossed he remembered our encounter at the Windsor Bowls Club, which the guys frequented while recording their new album) before passing on a sweaty high five as they then got into another unheard track titled “Evergreen“, which is best described as a fast and furious mosh track, welcomed immensely by the fans. Drummer Michael Richards easily proved to us why he is one of the most significant members of the band by effortlessly bashing along the new track for our pure enjoyment.


Up next we were treated to another vintage song in the form of “Love is a Heavy Word” from the guys’ debut album “We Don’t Belong Here” this sent the crowd wild, but the craziness was exceeded tenfold as Luke Boerdam slightly struggled to start “Covered in Chrome” with guitar strings flooded with sweat. After a few short moments they were right into their most highly anticipated song of the night and what started as one of the smallest “Wall of Deaths” ever witnessed right in front of me, evolved into an onslaught of roughhousing where I copped an elbow to the face amongst the mayhem… and it was AWESOME. The excitement didn’t ease because immediately afterwards “Dope Calypso” started up and the mosh party endlessly continued, thus resulting in not only several blokes slipping over on the unbelievably sweaty floor but some avid fan punching me directly in the lip (as you do) which was barely even felt at the time… hours later is a different story!

As the boys headed off-stage it seemed unsure if we were going to be treated with an Encore but almost instantly they were right back at it again only this time taking suggestions from the audience of which song they’ll play for us. The excessively loud dominant request for “Jesus Stole My Girlfriend” overpowered the room much to the somewhat approval of Soho who admitted they have barely practiced the song in months (not that we noticed because they nailed it as usual). This was followed up by their final track of the night and the second most requested song to wrap up the evening “Tinderbox“. Might I add James Tidswell and Luke Henery‘s instant sex appeal as they both returned to the stage shirtless really captivated the crowd and encouraged their “4-1-2-2” chants to become something louder than it seemed supposedly bringing Tids’s guitar back to life, which at the time was struggling from technical difficulties. The song finished, we all lost our shit and Mansfield’s Most Wanted blokes exited the stage amongst cheers, applause and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction.


In closing it is incredible to see how far these guys have progressed in such a short amount of time and if the samples of their new album that we were exposed to is anything to go by, they will sky-rocket further in the Australian Music Scene than even imagined. If you haven’t jumped on board yet, you’re surely missing out of the opportunity of a lifetime to support one of the best bands in the country right now.


Like Soda
Neighbour Neighbour
How To Taste (New Song)
In The Aisle
Saramona Said
Fur Eyes
Evergreen (New Song)
Love is a Heavy Word
Covered in Chrome
Dope Calypso

Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

Until next time, rock the fuck out

Browny (@brownypaul)


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