MofoIsDead release new single and details of new EP, ‘Brisneyland’

Brisbane’s loudest trio of out-there rock, MofoIsDead, are coming at the world with their Brisneyland EP Friday November 20. Distinctively “Brisbane” and distinctively eclectic, the band is releasing it in stores and online in late November through MGM Distribution.

The EP is a collection of tracks that they have been sitting on for some time now, with setbacks and hurdles along the journey to completion and now unveiling. Their previous single, SemiDrop, pricked ears and garnered solid radio spins around Australia and saw them tour the single down the East Coast.

If the name MofoIsDead doesn’t ring a bell with you – let’s lay it out on the table. The crew, straight out of the heart of Brisbane’s Rock scene is spearheaded by the talented Paul Galagher – whose praises have been sung by Guns ‘N’ Roses’ drummer Matt Sorum, brilliant American bass player Billy Sheehan (Mr Big) and US band Better Than Ezra.

That’s all without mentioning his tenure as vocalist and frontman for seminal Australian rockers The Butterfly Effect. Throw in tight-as-fuck rhythm section Juddy and Luke and you have something quite special, quirky, heavy, dark and way more interesting than your average three-piece.

mofi cdIn keeping with the Brisneyland vibe the EP was made completely independently on local soil in Brisbane, with a couple of guest musicians from Brisbane (on violin and piano), and all the photos in the artwork were taken in around the Brisbane suburbs, not to mention the song inspirations. The EP was mastered in Brisbane by Jason Millhouse (The Record House, Cooparoo), tracked and mixed by the band themselves at their home studio “Belongdajudd”.

The record’s lyrics and instrumentation features the results of a somewhat of a personal journey. The instrumental track on the EP Mournography was written as a silent tribute to vocalist Paul Galagher’s best friend who died during the making of the record. Paul also wrote the lyrics to ‘Born Shit Die’ in his psychiatrist’s chair when asked to write down his day’s thoughts.
The new single heralding this new EP from Mofoisdead is ‘Born Shit Die’ – a rousing anthem about the seeming pointlessness of life and how life sometimes seems without meaning or purpose. Lyrics are chanted – “You’re Born, You do some shit, you Die!” in what is sure to become the anthem of their shows and a slogan on merchandise.

**details from official media release