Richie Newman & James Swanson – Buried in Verona (audio interview)

Rule #1 of Interviewing: Make sure you confirm the band member’s names you’re interviewing before you switch on your recording device. In saying that, please ignore the first 14 unprofessional seconds of this interview and focus more of the story which developed when I sat in the back of a smelly old tour bus with two of the best blokes I’ve had the opportunity to chat with throughout my whole entire career Brett Anderson Richie Newman and James Swanson from Sydney metalcore band Buried in Verona.

Over the years these boys have gone through many changes, whether it be band members or musical direction, but the one thing that has stayed the same is the passion and drive they have to make music which reflects what they want to put out. From their earliest releases like “Circle the Dead” and “Saturday Night Sever” through to their latest masterpiece “Vultures Above/Lions Below” it was easy to see the boys were always destined for big things, it was only a matter of time before their true potential as a band was unleashed. But now that it is officially out there for the world to see, it’s up to you to follow though and experience it for yourself.

There aren’t many interviews where you can walk away, overcome with feelings of relatability because you’ve connected with a band and the message they pass on through you chat, that shit usually only happens when you listen to their music, but with these guys something stuck with me afterwards which has now cemented my appreciation and love for them as a true fan for years to come. The way in which they explained why they decided to change their musical direction was so simple, yet it has made the most sense to me compared to any other band who have gone in-depth about why they chose a different path with a new record, and in regards to song writing (which up until this point) I assumed if a song sounded like it was directed at a person/entity in particular, you would be able to track them down personally and ask what it’s like to be the inspiration behind it, however with frontman Brett Anderson‘s style of creating a fictional character to base his emotions upon, then write a catchy, yet abusive attack on this non-existent person in the form of a song, it really opens your eyes to the world of the music industry and how immeasurable the talent of a musician can really be.

For those who haven’t heard of Buried in Verona before, after checking out what these boys have to say I can assure you that you will check out their music and take a much deeper listen to what they have to offer in their songs, rather than just listening to it as background music. A band so full of wisdom and helpful advice for those who are an established act or just starting out in your own band, its hard to believe these guys have only been doing this together (in some way shape or form) since 2007 and although Richie and Brett came close to calling it quits earlier this year when things fell apart, it was the revitalisation or rebirth in a way when James Swanson, Mark Harris and Brandon Martel joined the group which really brought the band back together again and has now catapulted them to even bigger and better things as musicians.

I won’t say these guys are on a “To Watch” list anymore because in my opinion the level that they are at right now is more than enough for them to become household names. It’s now up to you to spread the word of what these guys have achieved musically and what they can do live to expose them to a larger audience and show the world what they are capable of. Get a copy of “Vultures Above/Lions Below” too, you will NOT be disappointed if you can appreciate great music. Also if you’re heading to the UNIFY Gathering for the first time, the boys have offered up some helpful advice for you to enjoy you time!

There’s only a few shows left for the Vultures Above/Lions Below Tour, but you can catch them touring with Northlane on The Node Tour in November.


Until next time, rock the fuck out

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Vultures Above/Lions Below” Available Now

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