Rage Against The Machine release live video from ‘Live At Finsbury Park’

Rage Against the Machine may be in the middle of a very long hiatus but that hasn’t stopped the band finally releasing the ‘free’ concert performance in London’s Finsbury Park on DVD and BluRay next month.

In late 2009 a successful campaign was launched by Jon Morter and his then wife Tracy to promote an alternative to the omnipresent X-Factor winner being the Christmas #1 in the UK singles chart. The track they nominated as the alternative was “Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine. The band supported the campaign, donated the proceeds from the sales to charity and lead singer Zack de la Rocha promised that Rage Against The Machine would perform a free concert in the UK to celebrate the achievement. This went ahead in London’s Finsbury Park on 6th June 2010 and is captured on this film. It is an exuberant performance by the band with the audience cheering them all the way to the inevitable climax of “Killing In The Name”.

Available from the 16th October onwards, the band has released the video of them playing ‘Bulls on Parade’, and if this doesn’t fire you up to keep harrassing AJ Maddah (Soundwave) about bringing them out to Australia then we’re not sure what will!

Rage Against the Machine, Live at Finsbury Park DVD Track Listing:

1. “Testify”
2. “Bombtrack”
3. “People of the Sun”
4. “Know Your Enemy”
5. “Bulls on Parade”
6. “Township Rebellion”
7. “Bullet in the Head”
8. “White Riot”
9. “Guerrilla Radio”
10. “Sleep Now in the Fire”
11. “Freedom”
12. “Killing in the Name”