Blood Rock Festival 2015 (WA)

Perth’s annual ‘Blood Rock Festival’ line up has been announced, though a few more bands will be added prior to bouncedown on the 8th installment of the punk/hardcore/metal festival. 2015’s version will be headlined by none other than King Parrot, who have been jetsetting both around our country on their ‘Dead Set Regional Rampage Tour’, most recently, as well as a host of U.S dates.

The Rosemount Hotel in North Perth will again host the Festival with two stages and over 20 bands as well as RTRFM’S DJ Holly Doll spinning tunes in the beer garden all day long. With October 31st the date set, Halloween night, there will be prizes for best dressed!

So for the benefit of all our Western Australian followers let’s take a close look at the band’s that have so far been announced for the festival, starting from the top with King Parrot.

Founded in 2010, the band hasn’t taken long to establish themselves as one of Australia’s heavy metal ‘go to’ bands. Multiple Soundwave appearances, two killer albums including this year’s release, Dead Set which was produced by the legendary Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down) and numerous headline national tours, King Parrot are firmly entrenched in the ‘now’ and are making the most of their opportunity. Part thrash, part grindcore, a lot of punk, mix in some heavy metal and you have the King Parrot supa-shake! Don’t miss these guys live as they give the most intense live performances going around!

One of Perth’s staples over the past decade churning out two full studio length albums and providing support to a multitude of international acts in the process from Dropkick Murphys and Off! to Monster Magnet and Pennywise. Punk rock mayhem ensues everytime and with the lyrics spiced up with tales from a vast array of horror movie classics and some more ‘hard to find’ ones and the results are just glorious. With Blood Rock Festival set for Halloween Night this year, the setting could not be more appropriate. Pack your denim battle jacket and prepare for blood, spit, pit and beer action!

2014 marked a name change for the band previously known as Declaration. Drenched in hardcore, the band have been ripping up stages since 2010 and now finally land in Perth for the first time since the band were forced to change their name. Ganbaru means “to commit oneself fully to a task and to bring that task to an end.” It can be translated to mean persistence, tenacity, doggedness and hard work”…..either way you’ll get the meaning quickly when you see these guys perform!

One of a kind, this Perth three piece bring a new genre to life, mixing 50’s rockabilly with punk rock. Adding a double bass a-la Living End style to the mix, these guys are not done with mixing styles they also mix in sci-fi and horror lyrics into the fold. This is one weird mash up but it works nonetheless. Described as a “ a drive-in movie for the ears”, this band is not to be missed.

Stoner band Puck have been around a while now, starting in 2011 and having earnt plaudits from webzines across the country for their dose of dreamer stoner rock. If you like your music downright filthy look no further. Mix some Sleep with Kyuss, add a bit of Australia’s finest ‘green’ and you get the picture.

Perth’s all girl rock band, blending an orgasmic mix of bluesy and stadium rock. Formed 2012 the girls have a knack for a killer melody but more importantly riffage to get the people moving. The girls are supporting the legendary Sebastian Bach soon on the Perth leg of his tour will no doubt grab a few more fans on the day of Blood Rock, this sort of riffage can’t be denied, and that voice….wowsers!

One of Perth’s favourite punk rocks stalwarts, Scalphunter have been bludgeoning ear drums for the past few years with an eclectic mix of punk and rock ‘n roll. Killer riffage, strong melody and the kind of anarchy that had there 2014 video, ‘There Will be Blood’ banned by YouTube. Having supported a host of international and national bands and with a swag of EP’s behind them, the band are nearing towards a highly anticipated debut album in early 2016. In the meantime, enjoy one of Perth’s finest live acts.

90’s indie-punk is alive in the form of Perth’s three piece, Lionizer. With Vez Litten up front with guitar in hand you can’t help but think of Triple J icons L7, Veruca Salt and Babes in Toyland and come out smiling upon hearing Lionizer. Crunchy riffs combine seamlessly with Litten’s melody and occasional screams when she wants to make a point…..and point taken, looking forward to seeing these guys!

Melbourne’s three piece punk-rock legends, Wolfpack will be one band not to be missed come Blood Rock Fest. The band are legends not only for their brand of frenetic rock energy but for being the epitome of all round good guys… see, this band donates 100% of their profits to charity. Having raised over $17,000 so far be sure to sling a few $$’s their way come Blood Rock, or at the very least buy some merch or buy them a beer! Wolfpack describe themselves as street-core punk thrash, and after viewing their YouTube clips, Perth is in for a treat!

Short, fast punk-thrash. Think Iron Reagan but built in the South West of Western Australia on a staple of skate, surf and beer. With members previously playing with bands from around the south-west including BeerFridge, The Half Pints, 3 Days Later & Sludge Bucket, only good could come from this musical mash-up. ‘PTD’!

Another three piece act straight outta Melbourne, born, bred and raised on a steady stream of punk rock. A great band name and some great music and despite losing two founding members earlier this year and becoming a three piece, the band has lost none of it’s venom on stage. In your face and to the point, Coffin Wolf deliver.

Perth hardcore quartet Losing Grip having been busy this year with new album Long Bright DarkDelivered with a brutal impact, kind of like a ‘sledgehammer to the back of head feeling’ and with those guttural blows from the band’s vocalist, the band are sure to make an impression come Blood Rock.

The best way to describe The Caballeros from Perth is perhaps direct from their own bio on Facebook, “High energy party music with a nod to the past while looking to the future, an experience more than just a gig, something you can tap your foot to and most of all something that will put a smile on your face.” Bits of rock and roll with touches of blues and rythym, The Caballeros are a blast from the past in a new generation.

Another hardcore delight hailing from Perth, but defiantly more chaotic than your average hardcore band. Crack out your best invisible ninja dance moves these guys nail the brief for destroying pits and minds. Fierce drums, fast guitars, and vocal action that could explode an average esophogus at any time. Prepare now.

Spark up the bucket bong. From the back ends of Bunbury are three piece Down (band) worshippers, Stone Lotus. Doom stoner sludge rock with plenty of heavy riffage and that patent slow burn. The Rosemount will need to batten the hatches with the feedback these guys will produce. Fuzzy haze of goodness beckons.

Pot-punk, yep, it’s a genre, well, it is now, as Perth’s Suburban & Coke brings the green to punk. Garage pop-punk rock with some subtle and not-so-subtle lyrics providing a bit humour amongst their brand of pot-punk. It’s obvious these guys love to party, so should fit in well down at the Rosemount at Blood Rock!

These guys are making waves around Perth with a batch of spirited live shows that have been full of energy. A punk rock band who deliver on the riffage and the melody and there is a fair bit of influence to be found in their music from the likes of Against Me!, The Bronx and Dropkick Murphy’s, of which they have covered now and again during their sets.

A new band around the bowels of Perth is Dead End Brawler featuring Stuart McKay of another local band, Nevsky Prospekt. Part rock, some bits metal, some bits punk, the band is harnessing it’s sound at present with an album in the works. Will be an interesting watch come Blood Rock as very little is known of this quartet. Apologies to the band too as not many video’s of theirs are available, in fact it’s just the one so far.

One man, one uke, one guitar and a whole lot of coffee. From the city of churches, Adelaide, Mitch Primer is an acoustic lyrical maestro, mixing humour, australianisms, and heartfelt stories. Check out Mitch’s EP The Beauty in Chaos via his bandcamp site.
(*I hope I have the real Mitch Primer video below….all I could find haha….sorry Mitch)

So there you have it so far, and a few more bands to come – so watch the Facebook event page…..

In the meantime tickets onsale now –

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