When Band Campaigning takes an interesting turn

We’ve all heard of Band Campaigns and Crowd Fundraisers where fans can get involved and help raise money to fund certain projects of their favourite acts, well usually you get some great incentives to get involved such as “Thank you messages, song teasers, meet & greet” and so on… However A Breach of Silence have decided to go down a different path from conventional campaigning efforts and are offering fans incentives like “Practice with the Band, Vocal Lessons and a Sing on Stage invitation” to help them get back on the road around Australia and to the US (which for a band from Australia with our terrible exchange rate, can be quite excessive and almost financially impossible).

On the guy’s campaign they stated:

“Since we released our latest album, The Darkest Road, we were able to fund our last tour to North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand, however the costs involved are still a significant burden and difficult for us to shoulder on our own, even with label support. For example… when we traveled to the USA for a six week tour with Drowning Pool, our total costs were in excess of $50,000. The experience we had seeing so many new faces singing our lyrics back to us while we were on stage was priceless, and it’s been out number one priority to get back out on the road for another tour throughout the USA and Australia”.

However one of the most interesting incentives which caught our eye was the chance to have Your Face tattooed on one of the members asses. For Real. We shit you not, you had the chance to pick your member and your face will be forever etched onto their body for years to come for the price of $3000 USD. Well dedication to the cause has come though and the guys have revealed someone has decided to put forth the cash to help the guys and get their face on bassist/vocalist Blair Layt‘s butt, however they still need to raise the rest of their $20,000 USD goal.

blair thor

Twitter: @BlairABOS

So far they’re 1/4 of the way though so if you want to help out, score some great stuff and not only see these boys return to the states but get some (hopefully ugly) person’s face tattooed on Blair (aka Metal Thor) for life, get donating right here hahaha

We’ll keep you posted on this developing campaign.

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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