ICYMI – Week Ending 13th September

ICYMI back for another round of unadulterated mayhem in the world of heavy music. News, vids, streams, tours and album details. No other website offers you the whole package so succinctly wrapped up.

Barrelling straight into biffo we head over to the ongoing spat between two of rock’s all time greats, KISS‘s Paul Stanley and Twisted Sister‘s Dee Snider. The brawl started when Snider appeared on American music historian and That Metal Show’s anchor, Eddie Trunk‘s radio show. Long story short, Snider believed it was insulting to fans of the band that the current KISS lineup with guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer dress up as Peter Criss‘ and Ace Frehley‘s original “Spaceman” and “Catman” personas, respectively, calling it “insulting” and that he didn’t understand how fans could accept this “imitation.”

Not to be outdone, Stanley then returned fire on Chris Jericho‘s podcast to label Snider a ‘wannabe’ and his band, ‘a bunch of bafoons’. Nekminut, Snider is penning a letter to to Stanley via his Facebook page, challenging KISS to some bizarre, ‘rock off’ and that Twisted Sister would ‘bury you on stage’. These guys need to take a chill-pill, realise they’re well into the their 60’s and calm the fuck down. Although it has to be said, it is funny reading. MMA match soon maybe?

Speaking of calming down, Halestorm‘s singer, Lizzy Hale, has penned a lengthy blog entry online at Tumblr in which she reveals that she’s become more “monk-like” on the road in order to preserve her health and her voice. Hale wrote, “In my efforts to better my stamina and career, I find myself becoming more monk-like. And I’m not talking about the holy, praying, create awesome Trappist beer type monk. I’m talking about the ‘go to bed early, no drinking, no talking and no having any fun’-type monk. Luckily, sex is actually good for you on all levels (safe sex, of course), so at least I have something to hold on to! Ha!”

Australian’s will be happy with those last comments with Lizzy and band, Halestorm hitting the country in December.
lizzyNow, we’re not sure if Lizzy has a partner or not but if Lizzy is having issues securing one down under (so to speak) she could no worse then heading onto Motörhead‘s latest line of collections. Yes folks, Motörhead are releasing a range of vibrators entitled “The Official Pleasure Collection”. The range features bullet and torpedo-shaped vibrators, all bearing the famously erotic Motörhead logo of the tusked and fanged war pig. We’re not sure if this is a first in the world of heavy metal merchandising but now Motörhead have stepped into this category you can be sure as hell it won’t be the last. PR for the range are promising the line “delivers the sort of power and pleasure you’d expect from the ‘loudest band on Earth.'” Check out the range here
lh-motrhead-launch-brand-page-700x340pxHeading into the music video’s for this week and if the Motörhead dildo range isn’t up your alley, maybe check out these releases to get your juices flowing….

Grindcore legends, Napalm Death released, ‘How the Years Condemn’ during the week, taken from the album Apex Predator – Easy Meat, and it is nothing short of awesome.

Florida’s power metal maestro’s Kamelot have a new video Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) featuring Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy). From Kamelot’s new album Haven available now on Napalm/Universal/ADA. The video takes off where Kamelot‘s Insomnia video ends and takes the listener into the outside environment of this dystopian world. Where the citizen is zero and only the privileged live in a lavish lifestyle. Surveillance over society is everywhere, even a fly on the wall can be the watching eyes of the Monarchy.

We’ve heard the stream and read the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s single, ‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart’, now you can check the music video featuring Cornell in the video, along with actors Eric Roberts (The Expendables / The Dark Knight / The Pope of Greenwich Village) and W. Earl Brown (Deadwood / True Detective).

Of Mice & Men have released another music video from the album Restoring Force deluxe version. Check out ‘Never Giving Up’.

Crown the Empire also have a new video, for the track ‘Prisoners of War’, from new album The Resistance due out October 30th.

Lastly we have Slayer‘s new music video for title track ‘Repentless’. We trust you have purchased this album as it’s sure to feature in many ‘best of’ lists come end of year. Check out our review if you are still undecided. The video was directed by BJ McDonnell and to be brutally honest is fucking magnificent. Beware, there is violence and lots of blood….but this is Slayer!

Onto tour news and it’s all about Soundwave fact and fiction around this time of year. We had the massive announcement a few days ago of Bring Me The Horizon confirming their attendance at the long time festival but rumours still swirl of what headliners will be enticing the crowd’s come January. It seems, Disturbed is all but assured to be one of the band’s filling in a headline slot, but stay tuned for more. In the meantime, hop into BMTH’s new album That’s the Spirit via our review this week. It’s different, that’s for sure.
COmuAL0WEAEhg9NOne tour to be announced this week was specific to Western Australia music fans. The annual Blood Rock Festival dropped it’s first details and line up, headlined by King Parrot! The boys will also play a headline gig down in Bunbury on October 30 the night before heading to the Rosemount Hotel with a bucketload of other band’s for the yearly festival on Halloween night! Now in it’s 8th installment featuring all the punk/hardcore and metal they can find, Blood Rock will this year feature over 20 bands on two stages. A full run down of acts and details will be coming this week on Wall of Sound, and we’ll be down at the festival to get the day wrapped up with a full review and maybe a few interviews pending this writer’s intoxicated state on the day.
br fest 2015To some album news and first off the rack is Devil You Know, with a resurgent Howard Jones (Ex-Killswitch Engage) about to launch album #2 with this band entitled They Bleed Red on November 6 via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the stream below for a taste of what the record will deliver. We can assure you, this album will be epic!

Industrial veteran’s, Killing Joke are also releasing a new album, with album number 16 dropping October 23.  Pylon was produced in the U.K. and Prague by the band and Tom Dalgety, whose credits include the hugely successful Royal Blood album.

Finally, U.S tech death band, Born of Osiris are returning with a new record. Soul Sphere will be the group’s fourth full-length to date, and will be released through Sumerian Records on the 23rd of October.

dyl - bleedkillingjokepyloncdboo soul









Onto some streaming new music and we may as well kick it off with Devil You Know‘s ‘Stay of Execution’. Howard Jones is back baby!

‘Resilience’ is the new track from Born of Osiris. Another brute of a track, these guys never fail to deliver.

Onto some thrash metal, with Hatchet ‘Living in Extinction’. New album,  Fear Beyond Lunacy is due October 30th.

British power metal band, Tank have an official lyric video for the song ‘Make A Little Time’ and can be seen below. New album Valley of Tears is due out September 25th.

Lastly for this week, Shinedown have released another track from forthcoming new album, Threat To Survival due out this week. Check out ‘Outcast’…

So there you have it for this week, fingers crossed for some more Soundwave announcement’s this week and hopefully some more Dee v Stanley antics. To conclude this week’s craziness and the impending (we believe anyway), Disturbed Soundwave announcement check out this version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ done in the style of Disturbed. You have to hear this to believe it’s awesomeness….oh wa ah ah ah!