Does Australian Sport snub Australian Artists on purpose?

We’ve probably all seen that the AFL Grand Final entertainment was announced earlier this week with acts your Mum will probably love including Bryan Adams, Chris Isaak and UK pop singer Ellie Goulding hitting the stage in October to entertain the mass crowd of feisty footy lovers who want nothing more than to bop around in their chair to get them in the mood. Urgh!

What is wrong with Australian Footy organisers ALWAYS seeming to get it wrong with their choice in entertainment (minus the legend who decided Cold Chisel should perform at this year’s NRL Grand Final). In the past we’ve seen the likes of Good Charlotte, Train, Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem, Tom Jones, Ed Sheeran (and lets not forget Meatloaf‘s woeful performance in 2011).

Where is the Aussie Rock? At a sporting event, you want to be able to get into the mood to cheer your favourite team on (or the team you’re going for because yours didn’t make the cut) and with an incredible array of talent that would love the honour of performing in front of our nation, it just seems they get overlooked for the “topical at the time” talent appearing on another show that channel just coincidentally seems to be airing (FYI: Chris Isaak is on The X-Factor at the moment too, good old fashioned cross-promotion right there).

Where are the bands like AC/DC, Dead Letter Circus, Violent Soho, The Living End, Grinspoon (if the money is right!) and to go into the heavier side of things Parkway Drive, Karnivool, The Amity Affliction or Northlane? I could go on all day but that’s the ones that come to mind at this point in time.

And when you do get an Australia act, let them perform their most ballsiest and heavy rocking song to get you pumped up, not having Birds of Tokyo play a slow track like “Lanterns” when they could have belted out “Silhouettic“, “Broken Bones” or “Wild Eyed Boy

We as Australians need to be able to be The Voice of our national and stop these international mediocre acts coming along and stealing the glory of performing at one of the biggest sporting events of the year, when a band from out own backyard could have the opportunity to showcase their amazing work to the country.

Have a think and if you have any more suggestions of Bands You Actually Want To See performing at the Footy let us know

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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