Zebrahead will “Walk the Plank” this October!

Californian rockers Zebrahead have announced they’ll be releasing their 12th studio album “Walk the Plank” on Friday October 16th. It’s hard to believe these boys are also going to be celebrating their 20th anniversary next year, considering we’ve only seen them tour in Australia a handful of times on the Soundwave Festival.

Bassist Ben Ozz revealed the inspiration behind the album’s title:

“Touring all the time and traveling can be a bit of a pirate’s sort of life, so it fits in that sense. So in a way to us it’s about taking a chance in life and walking the plank of life. It could also just be too much rum in the Mai Tai also but that’s another story!”

Living up to their reputation of being a party band he also commented on the album saying:

“It’s one of our best-sounding records to date. We wanted it to sound like you’re in an arm-wrestling competition at the beach while doing a keg stand! Hopefully it’ll take you on that journey before the ice in your cocktail melts!”

We’ve already been given a sample of their new work in the song “Save Your Breath“. Check out the lyric video below.


ZebraheadWalk the Plank tracklisting

01. Who Brings A Knife To A Gunfight?
02. Worse Than This
03. Headrush
04. Keep It To Myself
05. Running With Wolves
06. So What
07. Save Your Breath
08. Walk The Plank
09. Under The Deep Blue Sea
10. Wasted Generation
11. Battle Hymn
12. Kings of the Here And Now
13. Freak Show

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