Stream Defeater’s new album “Abandoned” right now

Melodic Hardcore act Defeater have their new album “Abandoned” scheduled for release on Friday but fans can get a taste of the new album before it even hits the stores because they’ve decided to stream it for your listening pleasure. The new album from the Boston boys (like their previous releases) is more of a story about an unnamed family New Jersey family than a record full of songs. Each track continues telling the story of a member of this “family” and the new album focuses on the story of a lapsed Catholic Priest battling his own issues with faith and faithlessness.

While this isn’t an album against religion, singer Derek Archambault explained:

“Instead, it’s a way to use religion—as well as drugs, alcohol and even fleeting moments of love. This is my ending metaphor for life—it’s about how people constantly look for answers for their questions in all the wrong places.”

If you’re familiar with their previous concepts this album will be right up your alley continuing on from what you’re already up to date with, but if you’re hearing it for the first time, prepared to get hooked then go back through their earlier releases to get up to date with the story so far.

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