Parkway Drive debut Crushed music video

Yesterday we reported about Parkway Drive‘s new song “Crushed” getting released online and after listening to it a few hundred times we were left wanting more. Well our prays are now answered because the guys have just released the official music video for their latest track.

Winston McCall spoke about the song’s lyrics revealing:

“This song deals with the concept of power and control that is the basis for modern society. Filter information and deceit are used as controls while we are told to fear and persecute rather than understand and sympathise. We have let the balance of power slip so far that a godlike will is able to be imposed upon the masses with little to now way of breaking the cycle.”

He goes on to say their music video reflects his statement:

“The video we created was aimed to reflect these facets. We can’t break gravity, but we did our best to twist it, so we filmed it all in a room that was constantly rotating 360 degrees, which made for an awesome effect, but added a crazy amount of danger to the process.“

Upon first glace the video looks somewhat similar in style to Metallica‘s “The Memory Remains” which is interesting considering fans have started stating the new album may be fairly similar to Metallica‘s mainstreamed “Black Album” which they released to target a wider fanbase and audience. Check out the video below and let us know your opinion on the new tunes for Parkway.

The new album “Ire” is out September 25th and their forthcoming Australian Tour to coincide with it’s release this September/October.

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