H2O reveal latest album details and have a new track out!

New York hardcore punks, H2O have released details on their forthcoming album, Use Your Voice. Due out October 9 via Bridge Nine Records, the album will be the seventh studio album from the band since 2000’s self titled debut.

Speaking with Wild in the Streetz website, bass player, Adam Blake had this to say about the new album,

 I think if you liked the last one, you’re gonna love this one. We know what we are good at and, at this point, it’s more a process of refinement than it is discovery. This record does bring some slightly different elements to the table on a couple of tracks but it’s all within the H2O framework.”

H2O started as a one-song side project with former Sick of It All roadie Toby Morse and a few friends, turning the band into a world-touring powerhouse. From humble roots the band worked their way to adding their stamp to the long history of New York hardcore defining the term “melodic hardcore” that would become so common years later.
h2o use voice

Use Your Voice Track Listing:
1. Black Sheep
2. Skate!
3. Thick and Thin
4. Use Your Voice
5. Father Figure
6. From the Heart
7. Popage
8. LYD
9. Still Dreaming
10. #NotRealLife
11. True Romance


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