Watch: Steel Panther close LA’s infamous House of Blues.

LA has been a breeding ground for so many fantastic bands such as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, The Offspring, Slayer (ok, seriously we could be here all fuckin day), but not to forget Steel Panther. Now most of these bands have at least once played or seen a band live at the House of Blues Sunset Strip, a place with so much history behind it the amount of people that walk away gob-smacked after a gig there is incredible.

pann lexi

Steel Panther Live at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in 2014

However it saddens us to hear that in a matter of hours the House of Blues in LA will be closing their doors for good, making way for apartments or condos or something that wasn’t exactly needed in replacement of such an amazing Live Music Venue. Steel Panther have been given the honour of closing out the venue and I couldn’t think of any better band to take the reigns. These guys have had residency at the HOB for many years and stacks of fans and music lovers alike (myself included) have planned their visits to LA around catching a band at this famous establishment. Stacks of other musicians have made “special appearances” at these gigs too and joined the house band for a jam onstage.

billy joey

Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Fatone (N*Sync) both joined Steel Panther on-stage at the House of Blues.

But why would we even care about a venue that’s all the way in LA you might be asking? Well, that’s because they’re actually going to live stream Steel Panther‘s concert online for the world to see. If you never got the chance to see a band at the House of Blues, or if you’ve never seen Steel Panther, (firstly give yourself an upper-cut) then check out the link below. The concert itself will take place at approx 3:45pm AEST so get in early or waste time at work. But whatever you do, do NOT miss this gig.


Click Here to Watch

You better guess I’ll be rocking the fuck out

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