Canadian Underground Special – Look and you will find…..

Our next series of ‘Underground Specials’ takes us to Canada, home of the famous Rocky Mountains, big bears and Bieber. Of course, the latter might want to be forgottten by fans of heavy music in those parts but it is what it is baby! Again we reinfornce that the term ‘underground’ is used loosely…some of these bands are signed to record companies but being in Australia it’s highly likely you haven’t heard much of these artists.

We’re not sure if it’s the weather but Canada produces some death metal to be reckoned with. The majority of this special is drenched in death metal, served up in several different ways. Anyways, check these bands out and you never know, you might end up finding your next favourite band.

Special mention to the blogger from Canada, @HeavyMetalYetii who helped out with a huge list of bands to sift through. Check out his awesome metal blog over at –>

wretchedGenre – Death Metal
From – St Catharines, Canada
They say – “Ontario based extreme metal band Wretchedpain was conceived nearly a decade ago by vocalist/ song writer Joey Glacken. The bands sound is comprised of a mix of brutal and melodic death metal, grind, groove with occasional industrial synth.”
We say – “Baseball bat to back of head metal. It hits hard filtering between death and grindcore sound though maintaining some melody. Check out if you like Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death”
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Genre – Technical Death Metal
From – London, Ontario
They say – “Bone-crushing riffs and mind splitting blast beats, that are fronted by a barrage of powerhouse vocals. These four musical minds are set on making original, extreme experimental music that is sure to shed a fresh sound on the ears of the Death-metal community.”
We Say – “Experimental, technical, extreme death metal. Growling vocals, thick beats. Canadians are downright nasty when they want to be!”

without mercy band photoGenre – Death Metal
From – Abbotsford, Vancouver
They say – “Ruthless and menacing, these Canadian metal titans have cultivated and redefined the phrase, “Fuck Pussy Metal”.”
We Say – “These guys blew me off the park, especially the track ‘Reborn’  which you can hear below. Some parts thrash some parts a little Meshuggah’ish but with a bit more groove”

sinthetikGenre – Progressive Metal/Death Metal
From – The Dominion of Canada
They say – “SINTHETIK is heavily influenced by ancient knowledge and mysticism, spirituality, corruption of nature, and the realm of the psychedelic.”
We Say –
“Have some Periphery qualities without the clean vocals. Basically these guys hit hard, some elements of djent included but more groove then out and out low pitch guitars. This is dirty prog metal and I like it. I like it alot!”

deathpointGenre – Melodic Groove Metal
From – Hamilton, Ontario
They say – “
Our influences are gathered from all genres of music, as each band member brings something different to the table. For Fans Of: Slipknot, Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswtich Engage, Stone Sour. The sophomore full length from Canadian groove metal’s rising stars. Extremely catchy hooks and riffs are complimented by the perfectly performed clean and harsh vocal mix of Tom Emmans, formerly of Odium.”
We say – “A punchy metal groove kind of like Mushroomhead without the bullshit”

erimhaGenre – Symphonic Black Metal
From – Valleyfield Q.C
They say – “
ERIMHA, (pronounced (er-ee-mah), meaning “Army” or “Legion” in Sumerian culture, base their powerful, melodic, merciless and operatic sound on ancient mythology and spirituality. Their mantra is one of inner strength and how the individual can be as powerful as an entire army. Overflowing with dramatic power, dark melodies, and grim grandeur, ERIMHA exhibit their supreme amalgamation of epic black metal and punishing death metal on Reign Through Immortality…
We Say – “Orchestral metal in the dark arts. Epic story telling with over the top beats and layered riffage. No doubt alot of people have already heard of Erimha. For fans of Dimmu Borgir though these guys tend to step toward a death metal mix.”

shattered remaqins
Genre – Deathcore, metalcore
From – Hamilton, Ontario
They say – “
We Say – “The bands bio doesn’t allude to much but there are some sick breakdowns here. Heavy guitars, scowling vocals with some screams thrown into mix. Is it metalcore, death metal, deathcore? Whatever the genre, Shattered Remains hits hard. The appeal of Whitechapel with some melodic beats similar to August Burns Red.”

Hope you enjoyed the Canadian mix! We’re going french in the next installment – keep a look out!

Cheers \m/

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