[From the Vault] Matt Kean, Lee Malia & Matt Nicholls – Bring Me The Horizon Soundwave Festival 2013 (audio interview)

To celebrate the massive news Bring Me The Horizon revealed earlier today regarding their forthcoming album “That’s The Spirit” we decided to dig into the vault and flashback to the time they toured Australia with the 2013 Soundwave Festival. They had just released undeniably their most successful album to date Sempiternal, parted ways with Jona Weinhofen and welcomed keyboardist Jordan Fish to the band.

For a band that were quite young when they started getting international recognition and began touring the world, they still managed to party as hard as they possibly could and produce stellar album after album, with each release slightly changing direction. 2006’s Count Your Blessings was one of the heaviest releases for a band in the deathcore genre and initiated what would later catapult them into the success they’ve work hard for. Fast Forward to 2013’s Sempiternal and their most recently released songs “Drown” & “Happy Song” and you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for a completely different band.

Now while most “fans” like to criticize a band when they change up their style over the years, it’s the loyalty of the true fans that can appreciate the progression a band has, tweaking their sound to get to a point where they can appeal to a much larger audience. Bring Me The Horizon have absolutely nailed this progression over the years and for a band of their style to sell out Wembley Arena, it goes to show how much the music industry is changing and how we need to support these bands though their progression, to put them on a much larger scale like so many of the already established mainstream bands we know and love today.

The two Matts and Lee still behave like big kids who haven’t let the fame or success get to their heads and are still up for a joke about masturbating to fill the time between tours and drinking excessively when they visit Australia, but also opening up to the raw emotional connection the band has had over the years with their fans including visiting a dying girl who’s last wish was to meet the band.

Bring Me The Horizon are on the brink of worldwide domination and have definitely positioned themselves as a game changer in the commercial world. You’re either going to join them for the ride or eat your words when they become the greatest band of our generation riding the wave following their hard work and development over the past twelve years. Question is: Which side will you be on?

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