Sydney hardcore band Relentless bring the ‘Blue Rage’

Sydney hardcore band, Relentless have just released a new video, ‘Blue Rage’. The band release their third album, Price of Pain September 18 via Resist Records.

Relentless have reunited with Terror mastermind Nick Jett (Backtrack, Strife) to birth a rawer, meaner record that reflects their time on the grind and the things they’ve experienced; Price Of Pain.

“We really wanted to step things up with Price Of Pain. We never thought we’d do more than make a demo and play some shows in Sydney, now we’ve toured the world with our favourite bands and made life long friends through hardcore. This record is a more mature, smarter Relentless that reflects everything we’ve been through together.” Comments front man Trent Baldock.

Turning up their metallic tendencies and fine-tuning their biggest hooks yet, this is the new Relentless; truly embodying their potential.
relentless album

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