Alex Koehler – Chelsea Grin (audio interview)

The deathcore genre for some uneducated people is nothing more than noise pollution for their untrained ears, but for the hardcore fans who can appreciate the talent which actually goes into making such an incredibly complex piece of work, its  gateway to a completely different world with highly talented bands just waiting to invade your ears. Chelsea Grin who are no strangers to Australia have been one of those bands that have progressed further with each album they make and the boys aren’t afraid to try new things to keep their true fans on their toes.

Front-man Alex Koehler might seem like a simple man who struggles to multi-task (like most guys on this planet), but the man is a highly motivated and talented individual willing to put his voice on the line to please their ever-growing mass of supporters. In under ten years he and the rest of the band have orchestrated the rise of the band and helped to cement them in the genre acummulating well over the million views on youtube for their videos and converting fans with every album released. He’s even willing to experiment with melodic verses thrown into tracks to try and diversify himself as the main vocalist, but also incorporate drummer Pablo Viveros into the process too who lends his vocals to backup singing/screaming whilst maintaining the perfect beat for each song.

We discuss how Alex and Pablo decide on who will be taking control of different sections of the song, how their younger fans have become such an in-demand generation constantly wanting to hear new material and if there are any stand off moments between their four guitarists when they decide who is worthy enough to perform the song’s guitar solo.

You’ll also find out how the band have made a connection between themselves and an Australian Actress who has just made it big in the states. We might even get to see this actress appearing in one of their future video clips if and when they finally cross paths. An insightful look into one of the hardest working deathcore bands will be had when you check out the interview below.


Chelsea Grin are touring with Boris the Blade and Graves in August.
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