Frenzal Rhomb drummer shows crowd how to stage dive – breaks arm in process

It’ll go down as one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments in Australian punk history. Frenzal Rhomb drummer, Gordy Forman gets up from his drum kit 7-8 songs into the band’s set during the Perth leg of their current tour, apparently not too happy about some dodgy stage diving actions from the crowd at Amplifier.

“Pretty sure if you want to stage dive it’s simple, here’s the one, two, three dive. Stand up here….,” Forman informs the moshpit. He then proceeds to stage dive into the first few rows of patrons before being flipped back onto the metal barrier and in doing so snapping his humerus bone (no pun intended).
rhomb broken armgordo
Like the champions they are, Frenzal returned to the stage whilst their drummer was carted off to hospital. A few swaps and changes to a three peice and with a little help from the support bands, the Rhomb finished the set. A stellar effort indeed.

Unfortunately not a Dave Grohl moment for Forman but one for the archives in any case.

We wish Gordy all the best in his recovery. The band issued a quick release on their Facebook stage that the Newcastle, Wollongong and Adelaide shows may be postponed.