Defeater get ready to be Abandoned + debut new song “Spared in Hell”

Boston’s hardcore legends Defeater were just in the country touring with Bane and if you caught them you might have heard some new material from their forthcoming album. Well, the boys have announced their new album Abanoned will be released on August 28th through Epitaph.

The album which was written following singer Derek Archambault‘s hip-surgery follows the story of a lapsed Catholic priest battling in Europe to overcome his own issues of faith and consequential faithlessness. Defeater have never done anything in halves and they way they portray stories is quite a unique feat not many bands are able to pull off.

For new fans trying to catch up on the ongoing story Defeater have been telling though their music, their debut album Travels started the story off with the troubled younger brother who was forced to murder his own father whilst defending his mother. He was forced to live with the consequences, no matter how far he tried to run to escape it. Their follow up Empty Days followed the story of the older brother, equally as troubled coming to terms with his father’s death by drinking himself into debt as he fights for his life. Letters Home, the last release compassionately looked at the father’s experiences in World War II, played out in reverse-chronological order and explains how the man became a force to be reckoned with.



1. Contrition

2. Unanswered

3. December 1943

4. Spared in Hell

5. Divination

6. Borrowed & Blue

7. Penance

8. Remorse

9. Pillar of Salf

10. Atonement

11. Vice & Regret

Check out the boy’s first single “Spared in Hell” below and start counting down until Abandoned is released.

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