Thy Art is Murder’s ‘Holy War’ explodes

Australia’s heaviest band, Thy Art Is Murder, returns with their third album Holy War. via UNFD!

The highly anticipated new album is the first release for the epic deathcore outfit under UNFD, and follows on from their blistering 2012 sophomore release Hate. Thy Art Is Murder established themselves with that album, which debuted at no 35 on the ARIA Charts – the highest chart position ever for an extreme metal outfit in Australia. More importantly, the album launched what has become a highly successful international career, particular in Europe and North America. Spending the better part of the last two years overseas, Thy Art have become a bona-fide headliner.

On Holy War, UNFD A&R Luke Logemann says, “I’ve been a fan of Thy Art for years, and I have no doubt this band can become one of the biggest metal bands ever in this country. ‘Holy War’ is one of the most intense and creative records I’ve heard in years, and we are super proud to be a part of this movement.”

Guitarist Andy Marsh is equally enthused with the new union stating, “I’ve known the UNFD guys for years and they’ve always been a bunch of fun and professional guys and girls that help their bands grow and are truly in the business for the fun and excitement that music brings. ‘Holy War’ is our most important work to date and we needed a good label to help launch it in Australia, so we went to the best label in the country. Luke and the team have been crushing every detail since before we even put pen to paper, and I can’t wait to see our teamwork deliver what we all believe to be the most crushing release of 2015.”

On the album, he had this to say for the fans and media on what to expect from 10 track monolith: “Finally the cat is out of the bag! Late last year, we entered the studio in secret to create our follow up to ‘Hate,’ free of expectation and public pressure. What we came out with was a reaction to things going on around the world that crawl under our skin, that make us feel sick to be alive. Musically it is darker, faster and more technical than anything we’ve done in the past and it hits hard lyrically. We wrote about concerns of ours, real issues, hardships that people are facing around the world today. Of course it wouldn’t be a Thy Art record if a lot of those affairs weren’t rooted in religion somehow, and what better way to sum up the state of all things than by entitling our album – ‘Holy War.’ This is our war on racism, homophobia, child abuse, animal cruelty and all evil born of religious immunity, indoctrination, and ignorance. It is ultimately a push for secularism and humanism. Without it, we will be left in the hands of mad men.”

If you don’t believe the hype, see for yourselves! Thy Art is Murder have the whole album on stream now – check it out!

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New album, HOLY WAR, out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment and in Australia via UNFD.

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Latest official music video for the title track from Thy Art Is Murder’s third studio album, HOLY WAR.

Thy Art Is Murder official music video for “Light Bearer” from the album, HOLY WAR.

If that’s not enough TAIM for you, the band are also hitting the road around Australia in October!
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