Seether reveal controversial “Michael Brown” inspired video.

Seether have released an arguably controversial and interactive video for the latest single “Nobody Praying For Me” from their 2014 album Isolate & Medicate. The ambitious new video is a fictitious look at an incident with five different points of view and was inspired by the events in Ferguson, Missouri where 18yr old Michael Brown was fatally wounded by a police officer. The incident itself has caused an uproar across the entire United States with many public identities sharing their thoughts on the situation.

Seether‘s interesting re-enactments focus on the story of teenager “Jake Young” and a case of mistaken identity which goes fatally awry and allows viewers to take a look from the different perspectives of those involved with the incident.

On the topic of the video, front-man Shaun Morgan said:

“Our goal in creating this video is for people to educate themselves and make an informed decision on their own, rather than being told by any media outlet saying, ‘this is what you should be thinking, this is what is right.” “The whole point is to try and shift the way we look at things and to not always leap to our pre-conceived conclusions, which is mostly racially and profile-based, because that’s what we get fed all the time. I’ve been guilty of it too. Its very unfortunate, and it’s getting worse instead of better.”


Take a look at the five different narratives here: Nobody Praying For Me

Morgan continues:

“There are always two sides to the story. In the video, Officer Holloway judges these kids before he’s arrived, but why? Again, that’s our point; before you make any snap decisions, look at the whole picture.”


Seether are currently touring Australia promoting their album “Isolate & Medicate

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