[From the Vault] Jesse Leach and Mike D’Antonio – Killswitch Engage Soundwave 2013 (audio interview)

When Jesse Leach returned to Killswitch Engage back in 2012, fans across the globe were losing their shit at the idea of the band’s original vocalist coming back to his roots and were stoked at the idea of an epic new sound following Howard Jones‘ nine year reign as front man. And they were not disappointed following the release of 2013’s “Disarm the Descent” which featured cracking tracks such as “In Due Time, A Tribute to the Fallen and The New Awakening.”

Disarm the Descent was described as Killswitch’s fastest sounding album to date and reignited the passion the band had for making music. Despite Jesse’s departure in 2002, there was no awkwardness in the studio when the guys started recording the new album and the guys stated it felt like a new band had arisen from the ashes. Also, when one of your members is the main producer behind your work, does it make it easier when deciding on new tracks and riffs or does the ego of guitarist Adam D prevail and his final say goes. These are just some of the questions we touched on when the boys made their return to the Soundwave Festival back in 2013 and it’s safe to say they returned in fine form, pleasing fans across the country.

For those wanting to hear a new record from Killswitch Engage, back in March of this year Mike D’Antonio revealed the guys have finished demoing some new material for the latest album. No official date is set in stone for a release as of yet but you can possibly expect to hear some new music following their current tour with Rise Against & letlive in the states which wraps up August 16. Will they be joining Rise Against in December on their recently announced Australian Tour? Only time will tell, until then take a trip back and check out Killswitch Engage backstage at Soundwave 2013.

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