Former Amity Affliction member Troy Brady breaks his silence on disbanding

Its hard to believe it has been eight months since The Amity Affliction‘s co-founder Troy Brady announced via the band’s Facebook page he was leaving the band. He didn’t go into much detail about why this decision was made which left fans asking the question why? He has since broken his silence and shares his reasons for leaving.

In an interview with The Music Network Brady revealed

“It was a decision which solely wasn’t mine, It was something that we had to come to terms with on a personal and business level.” “My body was tired, travelling had become exhausting for me and everyone had grown aware of that,” he admits. 

Not only had touring constantly across the globe taken its toll on his body (he also suffered worn away cartilage in his ankles and knees) but his fear of flying had also played part in his inability to continue in the band.

On top of this a marijuana charge from back in 2003 became an issue with overseas tours and created frustration and difficulties at times crossing borders in the States, a country which has welcomed the band with open arms in previous years. During their tour of America last year Troy‘s US Visa petition went under review and by the looks of things he wouldn’t be able to tour in America again

“Not being able to tour America and having the band play at least 75% of the shows in America, it was a serious issue,” says Brady.

Troy hasn’t stepped foot on a plane since September 2014 when Amity returned to Brisbane to perform at the Riverstage for the last gig of their Let The Ocean Take Me tour.

Tough times for the former member but after these revelations, its given fans an insight to his decision behind leaving. Over the past 12 years it’s no secret The Amity Affliction have gone through their fair share of band members through different reasons, however they still seem to get themselves back on track again and keep dominating the world.

Troy Brady now keeps himself busy behind the scenes at Elevnth Records, a new label with the goal to change the face of the music industry forever.

The Amity Affliction are currently on the Vans Warped Tour in the States and have their first film “Seems Like Forever” scheduled for release July 11th, which will feature a behind the scenes look at the band over the past 10 years.

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