[From the Vault] Arin Ilejay – Avenged Sevenfold Soundwave 2014 (audio interview)

For the next instalment of From the Vault we head back to the time Avenged Sevenfold came to Australia to headline the Soundwave Festival, brining along with them their new full time drummer Arin Ilejay. For a 27 year old guy taking the reigns of drumming in one of the biggest metal bands in the world, he still gets nervous when appearing on stage across the globe. I guess that indicates musicians are really like us, deep down with their own insecurities.

But all that pressure aside Arin proved to be such a down to earth guy whilst sharing his thoughts on late former member “The Rev” who sadly lost his life to an overdose back in 2009. Its hard taking the place of a well established musician in a band that has captured the world over the years, but Arin has found his place and given the band his own spin on the kit and even though he’s now a world famous musician, he’s still getting in the shit with his parents, especially with his choice in tattoos.

The latest Avenged Sevenfold release “Hail to the King” sparked up a bit on criticism in the industry for it’s similarities to bands such as Metallica and Megadeth. Machine Head front man Robb Flynn was stated in a blog post saying it was a “cover album” and made jokes about the similarities between those bands and songs on the Avenged album. Arin shared his opinion of where his inspiration for the album making process came from, you might be surprised with his influences.

All in all Avenged Sevenfold are arguably one of the best bands in the industry and for those wondering when a new album will be released, vocalist M. Shadows has said they plan to hit the studio any day now and are hoping to have it released by 2016.

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