The Disturbing Countdown Is On!

Its actually happening guys, yesterday we reported that Disturbed could possibly have been announcing their return to the band following a four year hiatus, after a video featuring what appeared to be the band’s mascot “The Guy” laying in a stasis pod, waiting to wake up. Well…


HE’S AWAKE and the Official Countdown is on until an announcement from the band is made. You can keep up to date with the time via their website but rumours are flying we’ll be seeing a new album, song and even tour details (because on their mailing list, it asks for your postcode to keep in the loop of upcoming tours in your area).

This is huge news for Disturbed fans who have been waiting for the guys to regroup and release some new material. Their last offering was 2011’s ” The Lost Children“, a B-Side compilation album of previously unreleased tracks, however the band has kept busy with other side projects. Bassist John Moyer spent time with super group Adrenaline Mob and earlier this year started up Art of Anarchy, Frontman David Draiman formed Device and the remaining two members Guitarist Dan Donegan & Drummer Mike Wengren kicked off Fight or Flight.

Get your alarms set Disturbed ones, because by 10pm tonight (GMT+10) we’ll finally have the first official announcement from the band.

Until then, rock the fuck out

Browny (@brownypaul)

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