Did Disturbed signal they’re making a comeback?

Chicago’s heavy metal foursome Disturbed could have announced their return to the band following a four year hiatus. The band revealed back in October 2011 they’ll be taking a break to focus on their various side projects, however a video appeared on their Facebook page yesterday featuring what appears to be the band’s mascot “The Guy” breathing on an *operating table.

(*UPDATE thanks to friend of W.O.S Brad for informing us it’s actually a Stasis Pod)


Click here to see the video

While nothing happens at the end of the almost 5 minute clip (yes, we watched it all the way though to see if anything was announced), this could mean huge things for the band and fans across Australia who have been pleading for them to make the triumphant return to the country on the Soundwave Festival, much like how Rage Against The Machine reformed to play Big Day Out 2008. Only time will tell so keep your eyes locked to their various social media accounts or keep checking back in here, we’ll keep you posted if “The Guy” officially gets over his hangover and wakes the fuck up.

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