[From the Vault] Jeremy McKinnon and Kevin Skaff – A Day To Remember Soundwave 2014 (audio interview)

In the 12 years they’ve been making music together A Day To Remember have certainly cemented themselves in the right profession for world domination. Their latest album “Common Courtesy” released back in 2012 touched on many different themes the band hadn’t tried before and showcased their true talent and what they’re really capable of. Amid all the legal controversy that surrounded it’s release, they still managed to keep their composure and produce arguably their best release to date.

We last saw ADTR in Australia at the 2014 Soundwave Festival and I got to chat with Jeremy Mckinnon & Kevin Skaff towards the end of all their legal battles and the boys didn’t hold back either, sharing their honest thoughts on upcoming bands who want nothing more than to be signed and tour the world, and how having full control of your own band can put you in a much better place.

For fans who appreciated their cover of Kelly Clarkson‘s song Since You Been Gone, they also exclusively revealed another cover track they’ve been working on by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones which is yet to be released, so safe to say it’ll be featured on their next album. Take a listen to find out which song that’ll be (although it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out).

And if you think the boys from A Day To Remember are the nice, friendly guys they appear to be, think again! In their early years they had a very shady past of thievery which is addressed straight up. No beating around the bush with us.

Enjoy the first of many From The Vault interviews and keep your fingers crossed ADTR will be visiting our shores soon.

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