Dave Stephens & Kyle Pavone – We Came As Romans (audio interview)

The post-hardcore scene is thriving all across the globe with fantastic acts dominating in the genre with international success. One of those bands is Detroit rockers We Came As Romans, who have just landed back in Australia to tour as part of In Hearts Wake’s Skydancer Tour. For a group of guys who always put the best into everything they do, its no surprise their live show is just as good as their albums. With an even dose of melodic singing and a heavy assault of hardcore screams its no surprise they’re scoring fans with diverse musical tastes.

Their latest “Self Titled” album (which is set for release in July) was produced by the award winning David Bendeth, who has also shared his expertise with other bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore and Of Mice & Men, and as you’re aware of how successful their careers are, it’s no surprise why the We Came As Romans boys wanted to team up with him. However if you think working with someone like David Bendeth would be a walk in the park, you’re so wrong! The brutal process they went though to produce the best album they could pushed them to their limits, but in doing so brought them closer as a band because of the opportunity they were given. 40 songs were written for the album and only 10 made the final cut, which goes to show they only wanted the best content they could produce for themselves and fans alike. Those songs that didn’t make the cut will never see the light of day (well besides the one addressed in the interview below).

And on top of all this We Came As Romans had quite a bit of success with their cover of Taylor Swift’s song I Knew You Were Trouble, which at the time of this post has had over 6 Million views on Youtube, however Ms Swift still hasn’t shared her opinion of their rendition…yet! But the tables are now turned with a challenge issued to Taylor to cover one of the guys heavier songs (screaming and all). Will she accept the offer? Will the boys finally get her approval for their cover? And will Taylor Swift leave her current boyfriend to pursue a relationship with one of the Romans boys, resulting in the possibility of having a song written about them? The only way to find out is by taking a listen to the interview, then helping to spread the word.


We Came As Romans are currently touring Australia on the Skydancer Tour.

 Until next time, rock the fuck out!

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We Came As Romans “Self Titled” album out July 24th. Click here to Pre-Order



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