Brock Lindow – 36 Crazyfists (audio interview)

When you hear the band name 36 Crazyfists you can instantaneously get an idea of what they’re all about just through the title. The incredible metalcore band from the chilly old city of Anchorage, Alaska has come a long way over their 21 years of making music together. Front man Brock Lindow is a musician who has invested so much of his time into the industry, not just with his own band, but lending his vocals to other acts such as Heart Attack High, Witness The End and Delmag (just to name a few), and still manages to find the time to support and nurture upcoming bands from his own home town such as Thera, whom he speaks very highly of and reassures us they’ll be the next big thing in metal (check out their track “Espionage” and you’ll see what he means).

While some of us would only consider Alaska to be nothing more than a breathtaking tourist destination with amazing landscapes, snow-capped mountains and cold winter days, Brock reveals his home town of Anchorage is an un-scouted hotspot for “tremendously talented bands” and a “thriving music scene” filled with a vast array of genres ranging from Rock and Metal, through to Hip-Hop, Indie acts and Singer-Songwriters, all of whom are heavily supported by the locals… Maybe we could learn a thing or two from this untapped city in Alaska’s south.

While we haven’t seen any new material from the boys since 2010’s “Collisions and Castaways”, their latest offering “Time and Trauma” boasts plenty of great tracks that will more than fill the void left by the guys. And when can we expect a visit down under from our favourite Alaskan act? Rumours say they’re planning a trip here before the end of 2015 and quite possibly an appearance on 2016’s Soundwave Festival bill, depending if AJ or Chris send them an invite. And considering their last visit was back in 2010, we can see that becoming a reality in no time.

Before that announcement, check out their current single “Also Am I”, grab a copy of their album and start planning your next holiday to Anchorage, Alaska… Because after hearing the way Brock Lindow describes it, you’ll be booking your flights in no time!

Until next time, rock the fuck out!

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