Buckcherry: ”F#ck” EP (Review)


Caroline Australia

Reviewed by Matt Bolton


After releasing 6 albums Californian hard rockers BUCKCHERRY have decided to release an ep and thank fuck they did cos this is the record they needed to release. Only Josh Todd & Co. could pull this off without it being cheesy, with the cuss word on heavy repeat, take LIMP BIZKIT for example, now that’s cheesy with a capital C.

Not since the self-titled debut in ’99 has the band released an album as raw and hard rocking as this little 6 track gem. Head-banging from the get-go you will be with ‘Somebody fucked with me’ with Todd giving out a big fuck you to… well just a about everyone… “Fuck ‘em all!” The heavy riffs and solos are a plenty courtesy of Keith Nelson and Stevie D who are in fine form here.

Second song sounded familiar to me. It’s the bands piss-take to ICONA POP’s ‘I Love It’ with their version, ‘Say Fuck It’. The lyrics are hilarious and it will have you cracking a smile. AC/DC like guitar riffs give the song a nice touch, solos intact.

Next song ‘The Motherfucker’ is a favourite for me, probably the best song written by BUCKCHERRY for a while in my opinion. The riffs are backed by a constant groove by Kelly Lemieux on bass duties. Josh Todd proves he’s one of the best hard rock front men today and that rock aint dead. ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’ is a fun song on the EP and it has that driving, stomping beat you’d expect on a BUCKCHERRY record.

‘It’s a Fucking Disaster’ starts as the ballad of the record if you could call it that, then it gets all up-beat as if to say you won’t find no ballads here. Stepping it up a notch is final track, punk rock influenced ‘Fist-Fuck.’ Perhaps thanks to guest star Brian Baker from punk legends Minor Threat on guitar. BUCKCHERRY have released what us fans have been waiting for, we knew they had it in them. A big ‘FUCK’ yeah!