Cory Brandan – Norma Jean (audio interview)

When you’re in an internationally successful band, the pressures of touring and recording can have a huge impact on your life and sometimes you have to decide whether you can continue only focusing all your energy into one or the other. Cory Brandan from Norma Jean however, has managed to tackle both and still maintain a healthy relationship with both parties.

Cory is a guy who is not only a successful musician but an incredibly hard working and proud father. He has gone though life raising his kids with the knowledge that they can do what they want and achieve success similar to what he has, if they are dedicated to the cause. The band has had several experiences of success including receiving a Grammy nomination in 2006, however like most bands from similar genres who are overlooked because of their music style, it’s never about the award, but the effort that went into creating a record worthy of fans across the globe.

But all of that almost came to a crashing halt not too long ago when Cory’s daughter Sara was involved in a car accident. A moment in his life that no parent should ever have to experience.

Its been a while since we’ve heard from Norma Jean but we can assure you they are ready to party and bring the metal their fans have appreciated for all these years when they return to Australia this April, but did they learn a thing or two about partying from Aussie deathcore heroes Thy Art Is Murder? You bet they did!

Catch my chat with Cory Brandan below, then book yourself a ticket to see these fun loving, milk puking metallers when they visit later this year.

Until next time, rock the fuck out!

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