Greg Puciato; KILLER BE KILLED (Audio Interview)

A dynamic frontman completely changes the tone of a metal show. Deftones, LetLive, Slipknot, The Dillinger Escape Plan… it doesn’t matter who it is for you, but they’re the bands who, for better or worse, entertain crowds who can’t help but be drawn to the antics that are sometimes better suited to a circus performer than a singer. They’re also the bands that have to juggle their own prominence with the celebrity status of the person fronting their act.

Such is the dilemma that faces Greg Puciato, famously of Dillinger Escape Plan and these days, doing incredible work with side project & supergroup KILLER BE KILLED. Being a musician with a fan base that are as interested in what you’ve tweeted about a current world issue as they are about your music can create a feeling of claustrophobia – but Puciato has found ways around that. One of those ways has been to all but quit the internet.

Another of those has been joining forces with Max Cavalera, Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch – which has in some ways, given the cult favourite an unorthodox outlet for a surprisingly infectious new metal sound, blended & not messily congealed in the way that some past “supergroups” have combined their different sounds.

Greg’s the fuckin’ man, that’s the only way to put it. From assigning a Taylor Swift song lyric to the dynamic with his DEP bandmates, to a much-requested gym mantra… there’s even talk of the behind-the-scenes brainstorming that has already started to figure out how to marry Puciato’s tornado-grade stage performance with the somewhat laborious task of lugging a guitar around for his Killer Be Killed musical parts, it’s all here in a bloody fun chat – for you as much as me.

Dougie (@terrydougie)

If you’re keen to see Greg with Killer Be Killed – LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME – Soundwave is the place to do it:


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