Richard Kruspe – EMIGRATE (audio interview)

(photo credit: Alexander Gnädinger)

As a founding member of one of the world’s most recognizable metal bands – the mighty RAMMSTEIN – Richard Kruspe is a man who over the years has amassed an enviable collection of musical know-how, industry connections and an intimate understanding of how to best engage with a captive audience. All of these elements have combined to bring the latest chapter in his ambitious side project EMIGRATE with their 2nd studio album, “Silent So Long” – their first in 7 years.

In what started as a side project during some Rammstein downtime, EMIGRATE has since become an impressive vehicle for driving some of Kruspe’s more creative musical outpourings; and when you consider the experimental nature of Rammstein, you can only imagine what this means aurally. Despite this, EMIGRATE is certainly a different musical animal to Rammstein. With a daring move from guitarist and backing vocalist to frontman, Kruspe has driven this album with infectious rhythms, pounding choruses and a star-studded run of guest vocalists – Lemmy from Motörhead, Jonathan Davis of Korn, and Marilyn Manson.

It’s hard to narrow down such a storied and exciting career down to some pointed questions, but JH (@johnriot) took up the challenge and has left you with the chance to hear how different guests were tailored to their songs, the unusual catalyst that inspired Kruspe to nail a previously uncuttable track – and what role David Hasselhof  actually played in the fall of the Berlin Wall 😉

It’s a bloody fun 15 mins so chuck it on, pour a drink and get the lowdown on EMIGRATE \m/

– Dougie (@terrydougie)



Watch “Eat You Alive” here: