Colin Jeffs, AVERSIONS CROWN (audio interview)

Goddamn, it’s awesome when a relatively new(ish) band releases an absolute screamer of an album – and it’s even better when that band gets recognized for their hard work and gets picked up by a big-time international label. Such is the case when talking about Brisbane Death Metal titans AVERSIONS CROWN – who are preparing to release “Tyrant”, their follow-up to 2011’s “Servitude”… and boy has this album been a label of love!

As Colin says not even 2 minutes into our catch-up, “Myself man, I thought that we weren’t gonna get to this point… it was looking pretty bad for a while there!” However, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right – and what you’re presented with is a tight & savage 10 track arsenal of death metal that combines bowel-rattling vocal lows with a triple-pronged 8 string guitar attack that would prick up the collective hairs on Meshuggah’s necks. This is made all the more impressive when you consider upon his commencement with Aversions Crown, Colin was forced to revamp his entire vocal approach as he was “completely out of his comfort zone”. Not that you’d know it from listening to songs like “Xenoforms” and “Earth Sterilizer”. Insane!

Tyrant is out November 7th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment – and if you don’t get a copy… you’re dumb. Get amongst it!

– Dougie (@terrydougie)



“Vectors” Official Video:

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