Max Bemis, SAY ANYTHING (audio interview)

Max Bemis is the is the lead singer, primary composer and primary lyricist of the band SAY ANYTHING, as well as a founding member. Bemis is undoubtedly a tortured genius. His struggle with Mental illness is well documented and certain episodes have been recorded in the media. He has become somewhat of an advocate for Mental Health and has worked hard to get his condition under control. A recent dad with another little one on the way, family life has helped in his recovery. His devotion to faith is another reason Max has his life well on track. Say Anything are definitely a unique outfit and with their latest album ‘Hebrews’ he dropped ALL guitars in preference to strings and the outcome was stunning.

SAY ANYTHING are just about to embark on their Australian tour and here JH talks with Max on Mental Health, Their latest album ‘Hebrews’ and the concept behind it, advice for young people, their upcoming Australian tour and more.

This is a chat not just for SAY ANYTHING fans, but for those who like Max and even myself, battle anxiety and depression and try to reconcile it with day to day life. Max has been though an extraordinary set of life circumstances.

Listen in to this honest and captivating interview: