Chris Jericho, FOZZY (audio interview)

“I think the no. 1 most important rule of success is loving what you do.” That sentence comes to you not from the opening chapter of a self-help book but from the mouth & mind of FOZZY frontman & WWE great Chris Jericho – and why the hell wouldn’t you listen to him?!

Jericho is a guy who has experienced ‘success’ in so many formats that it’s not surprising to find that doing something half-assed is a completely alien concept to him. “Anything that I ever kinda wanted to do, I’ve pretty much done it coz I give it a shot… I try things”. So fulfilling then to see the success borne of a project that began as a cover band playing classic metal songs for a laugh under the moniker “Fozzy Osbourne”. FOZZY has enjoyed a meteoric rise to superstardom particularly since 2010 when things became a bit more ‘serious’… It helps too that the calibre of songs written by the band stand up to any modern contemporary, even when they venture into more experimental territory – such was the case with the lead single from Fozzy’s latest album Do You Wanna Start a War?, the unlikely club anthem “Lights Go Out”.

Regular invitations to major international festivals, competitive music sales and a rabid fan base are all indicators of success in the metal world – so to call Fozzy anything other than a success story is just flat wrong. If your own passion has dwindled of late, get an earful of Jericho and catch the fever \m/

Dougie (@terrydougie)

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